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About Us
About Us
Dear friends of alpinism!
Stefan and Walter, we are enthusiastic alpine sportsmen and the founders of www.AlpinImageS.com. On this page we will tell you about the ideas and the founding of www.AlpinImageS.com.

The first cornerstone - Photo-assisted tour documentations
The second cornerstone - Internationality
The hour of birth of www.AlpinImageS.com - Summer 2004

The first cornerstone -
Photo-assisted tour documentations
We (Stefan and Walter) got to know each other during an alpine course form the Austrian alpine club in the Stubaier alps in 2002. From then on we undertook many mountain tours together. Very accurate tour planning was always an important point for us and a very important point for a successful tour end.

We therefore got information from acquaintances, out of books and form the internet. Searching for information was always extremely time consuming. Despite of our investigations we have never found the optimal tour-documentation for our routes. What was the reason for this?

On one hand texts out of documentation books are most of the time quite helpful on the other hand we found out that in reality the pictures where much more helpful for our tours. All books have a space problem and for this reason most of the books do without a comprehensive photo-documentation.

Most of the times we tried to get this photo-information from our friends. With these pieces of information we had good idea about the key-passages lying ahead of us. These photos gave us an insight for the most difficult passages and made orientation less difficult. A side-effect of the pictures was that we saw the impressive area, and wanted to get there even more.

Bearing that in mind we had an idea. Wouldn't it be nice to have the possibility as a mountaineer to write comprehensive photo-assisted tour documentations? And this photo-material would be accessible for all tour-hikers at the same moment.

The solution was obvious: an online editorial-system, in which the mountaineers have the chance to publish tour documentations with comprehensive photos. The first cornerstone of www.AlpinImageS.com has been lain.
The second cornerstone -
And after this a second idea swept to our minds. Mountains reach many different countries in which different languages were spoken. Enthusiastic alpine sportsmen often want to get to know the mountains world-wide hopefully without having comprehension problems.

We thought it would be very helpful to have an international platform with more languages.

Hikers from all alpine-states would have the possibility to read tour documentations from local authors. On the other side authors would have the chance to renew their tour-docs any time they want which would increase the quality of the documentation a lot. The second cornerstone of www.AlpinImageS.com has been lain.
The hour of birth of www.AlpinImageS.com -
Summer 2004
Walter is a graduate of the technical university of Vienna specialized at computer science, software engineering and internet computing.

Stefan has studied English, Geography and history at the alma marter of Vienna. He is interested in nearly all aspects of the mountains throughout the world and speaks English quite well.

Besides German and English we would like to have French as a third platform language. For this reason Veronika is helping us with the platform. She is a graduate of the technical university of Vienna and is also specialized at software engineering and internet computing. She also finished one year at a Grande Ecole university in France and is quite enthusiastic about the French language.

Taken all together our team has the technical, the linguistic, the geographical knowledge to run such an alpine platform. A good combination for our aims. In the year 2004 www.AlpinImageS.com was born ...

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