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Central Pyrenees - Gavarnie
Albumautoren: Walter S.
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Cirque de Gavarnie
Round trip from Gavarnie
  Circular route around a natural Circus with a 400m high waterfall and 1200m high cliffs
Tour destinations:
Cirque de Gavarnie: 1600m, circus, Central Pyrenees, Around Gavarnie
  Most visited landmark in the Central Pyrenees
La Grande Cascade: 1800m, cascade, Central Pyrenees, Around Gavarnie
  400m high waterfall in the Cirque
Difficulty rating:
All: T1 The last little bit up to the waterfall T2
Rock: --  
Via Ferrata: --  
Way quality:
  Good firm footpath throughout. Paved path through the forest until you reach the Hôtel du Cirque. The last little bit up to the waterfall is rubbly, wet and slippery (firm footwear recommended). The way back is narrow but over solid ground, either earth or stony.
Difference in elevation (ascent), total way, total time:
Ascent (↑): 450m  
Way (↑+↓): 11.0km 5km to reach the waterfall; 6km back using circular route
Time (↑+↓): 4:15 hours 2:15 up, 2:00 back using circular route
Tour supporting bases:
Hôtel du Cirque: 1590m, tavern, Central Pyrenees, Around Gavarnie
  At the beginning of the circus. You can ride these right up until here.
Starting settlement, Starting point:
Gavarnie: 1350m, France, Hautes-Pyrénées
  Most visited mountaineering spot in the Central Pyrenees
Starting point: Car park in Gavarnie, 1350m
  IGN: 1748OT Gavarnie 1:25000; Editorial Alpina: Ordesa y Monte Perdido 1:40000
Online Maps / Map type:
  The round trip  / Self production - 1:40000 (Overview)
Tour albums:
Central Pyrenees - Gavarnie
  Walter S.
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