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Hike album
Central Pyrenees - Gavarnie
Albumautoren: Walter S.
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Mont Perdu
Normal way from the Brèche de Roland
  Fantastic long high-alpine hike up the Pyreneen mountain with cult status!
Remark to the scope of this documentation:
  This documentation describes the ascent from the Brèche de Roland to the Mont Perdu (= Monte Perdido). The way up to the breach is documented in the documentation of the Brèche de Roland (see there).
Tour destinations:
Mont Perdu - Monte Perdido: 3355m, summit, Central Pyrenees, Ordesa and Monte Perdido
  The Pyrenean mountain with a cult following
La Tour - Torre: 3009m, summit, Central Pyrenees, Around Gavarnie
  3000m+ mountain with fantastic view into the Cirque de Gavarnie
Difficulty rating:
All: T4 Tiring ascent through scree-filled couloirs: 40° gradient up La Tour and 35° up Mont Perdu
Rock: 1+ Some small passages of grade 1-2 (e.g. on La Tour)
Via Ferrata: A A safety chain for an exposed traverse after the Brèche de Roland
Way quality:
  Tricky underfoot throughout, stoney and rubbly. At several points strewn with boulders. Good solid footwear necessary. During acent to summit through the Escupidera several patches of deep scree, so exhausting.
Difference in elevation (ascent), total way, total time:
Ascent (↑): 710m 710m from the breach; 930m from the Brèche refuge; 1330m from Col de Tentes
Way (↑+↓): 14.0km 14km from the breach; 15.4km from the Brèche refuge; 24.2km from Col de Tentes
Time (↑+↓): 9hrs Ascent/Total: 5hr/9hr from breach; 5hr30/9hr50 from Brèche refuge; 7hr30/13hr30 from Col de Tentes
W Ascent to the summit to the North West
Tour supporting bases:
Refuge de la Brèche de Roland: 2597m, hut, Central Pyrenees, Around Gavarnie
  Very nice refuge. Very guest-friendly.
Starting settlement, Starting point:
Gavarnie: 1350m, France, Hautes-Pyrénées
  Most visited mountaineering spot in the Central Pyrenees
Starting point: Brèche de Roland, 2807m
  Editorial Alpina: Ordesa y Monte Perdido 1:40000
Online Maps / Map type:
  Brèche de Roland to Mont Perdu  / Self production - 1:40000 (Overview)
Tour albums:
Central Pyrenees - Gavarnie
  Walter S.
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