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Hike album
Central Pyrenees - Gavarnie
Albumautoren: Walter S.
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Pic du Midi de Bigorre
Access by teleferic
  Spectacular and unique panorama from the top of this mountain, which also boasts an observatory
Remark to the scope of this documentation:
  This documentation describes a day trip up the Pic du Midi with the cable-car as well as the unique panorama that unfolds when you reach the summit. Pic du Midi can also be tackled on foot. The route by foot is not directly described in this documentation, but it is pointed out at various points.
Tour destinations:
Pic du Midi de Bigorre: 2876m, summit, Central Pyrenees, Around Gavarnie
  Unique view of the highest mountains in the Pyrenees
Difficulty rating:
All: T1  
Rock: --  
Via Ferrata: --  
Way quality:
  No path if you take the cable-car! If you go by foot from Col du Tourmalet: mountain road until you are 200m in altitude from the summit. After this the path is stonier and a bit more scree-like.
Difference in elevation (ascent), total way, total time:
Ascent (↑): 1180m 1180m with the cable-car; 760m from Col du Tourmalet
Way (↑+↓): 0.0km 12 km there and back from Col du Tourmalet
Time (↑+↓): 40min; 6hrs from Col 20mins each way with the cable-car; 3:30/2:30 up and down respectively from Col du Tourmalet
SE Ascending from Col: South
Tour supporting bases:
Observatory Pic du Midi: 2876m, observatory, Central Pyrenees, Around Gavarnie
  Impressive ride up in the cable-car
Starting settlement, Starting point:
La Mongie: 1700m, France, Hautes-Pyrénées
Starting point: Bottom station of the cable-car in La Mongie, 1700m
  For cable-car no map necessary; by foot: IGN: 1747ET Pic du Midi de Bigorre 1:25000
Online Maps / Map type:
  Day trip up the Pic du Midi de Bigorre  / Self production - 1:100000 (Overview)
Tour albums:
Central Pyrenees - Gavarnie
  Walter S.
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