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Hike album
Central Pyrenees - Gavarnie
Albumautoren: Walter S.
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Petit Vignemale
Normal way from the Vallée d'Ossoue
  A long enjoyable hike to a secondary peak of Grand Vignemale
Tour destinations:
Petit Vignemale: 3032m, summit, Central Pyrenees, Vignemale
  Summit providing an excellent view over the Ossoue Glacier
Hourquette d'Ossoue: 2734m, gap, Central Pyrenees, Vignemale
  Saddle beneath the ascent to the summit of Petit Vignemale
Difficulty rating:
All: T2+ Crampons and ice-picks necessary if there is a frozen snow-covering
Rock: --  
Via Ferrata: --  
Way quality:
  Firm footpath throughout. Towards summit stoney and a bit rubbly.
Difference in elevation (ascent), total way, total time:
Ascent (↑): 1200m 1200m from the car park; 380m from the refuge
Way (↑+↓): 12.2km 12.2km from the car park; 2.6km from the refuge
Time (↑+↓): 7hrs Ascent/Total: 4hrs/7hrs from the car park; 1hr15/2hrs from the refuge
NE Ascent to the refuge South East
Tour supporting bases:
Refuge de Bayssellance: 2651m, hut, Central Pyrenees, Vignemale
  Very friendly innkeeper who gives professional information about the tours
Starting settlement, Starting point:
Gavarnie: 1350m, France, Hautes-Pyrénées
  Most visited mountaineering spot in the Central Pyrenees
Starting point: End of the road in Vallée d'Ossoue by the reservoir, 1834m
  IGN: 1647OT Vignemale 1:25000; Editorial Alpina: Vignemale Bujaruelo 1:30000
Online Maps / Map type:
  Ascent to the Refuge de Bayssellance  / Self production - 1:30000 (Overview)
  Ascent from the hut to Petit Vignemale  / Self production - 1:30000 (Overview)
Tour albums:
Central Pyrenees - Gavarnie
  Walter S.
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